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Kristen Allebach


My Mission and Biography

          Photography is something I have always had a passion for.  The thought of picking up my camera and capturing moments in time that families will cherish forever, means the world to me.  I first started my photography in high school when I went to Kennedy High school in Cedar Rapids.  I took my first photography class there and grew in love with it. 
          My first acknowledgment for my photography came from that class.  I entered into an art show the last year of my senior year and won first place.  After my senior year I decided to peruse my passion and went to college to study the art of photography.  Went on to complete my art major, and decided to find my first career in it.

          I started working full time at Flash! Digital Portraits and became the Lead Photographer and had the role of teaching new hires how to take a beautiful portrait and then to coach current employees on new photography and techniques I learned.          

         The company then transferred me to a different branch where I traveled around Iowa taking portraits of families and children for the Church Directories.  I learned so much from posing larger families, different kinds of lighting and met some amazing people! 
          After I worked with the company for 2 years I received an honor of the
Chairman's Photographic Award.  Changed my life forever and really showed others and more important myself, about what I can actually do with my talent.  With that motivation I really started pursuing my own photography company and named it Life's Little Impressions, because getting those first, memorable and exciting impressions are what I'm about.  :)

Kristen's Photography in Cedar Rapids